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(( Only not really ))

Fish don't fry in the kitchen~
Bean don't burn on the grill~
Took a wh- *pauses, and turns around, only to face his grill. Which is burning beans currently.*

How do I manage to do this?! *fire extinguisher time*

(( This is here to remind you that Everything about Illinois fails. C: ))

So one day in his kitchen...

(ooc: IDK, i got bored, and wanted to do something just SO silly, no one could resist. Besides, Illinois has to return to Elgin SOMETIMES, right? (Ahhh, for those who don't know, his house is in Elgin, but he's mainly in Chicago and Springfield due to Elgin's FUCKED UP weather. C:))

*If you look in front of you, there's a large television with 2 red sofas in front of it, with a small coffee table in front of those. There's a little picture of the 16th president, Abraham Lincoln, on the left wall, and other silly, un-needed things that you'd expect to find from a place like Rockford or Mundelein.  To the upper-right of that room is a hallway which you can't see by just entering the house. To the left, there's a bathroom that's conveniently by the television room. But whatever, he's Illinoisan, what did you expect? Any ways, the door's almost completely closed. Decency is nice. Even when no one's in there, and no one's around.To the right is a very small kitchen. It looks more like a part of the living room with an 'L' shaped wall keeping the two apart. The floor is a rather shiny-looking wooden floor, with a table in the middle of the whole 'kitchen'. It's wooden as well, but it has a couple metallic-like chairs around it. There's a nice stove with a huge, black fridge next to it on the right. On the left of the stove is a small 'shelf' which is more like a table attached to the wall so that he could put his plates that he's not using at the moment while cooking on, etcetera. To the left of the cabinet is a wall. Nothing more on the wall. To the right of the fridge, though, is a white dishwasher which was currently running, and to the left of that was a sink, then a wall.

But the most noticeable thing in that house was the 6 foot tall man swinging his hips left to right slightly, and singing softly. And the song couldn't have been any more embarrassing than it was. He was singing something you get stuck in your head over in a place like down-town Chicago at a bar or something. Or a stripper club. He was singing Gwen Stefani's 'Wind it up'.*

Every time the bass bang realize it calls your name
Let the beat wind you up and don't stop 'till your time is up
Get in line now

Wind it up!
Wind it up!

*This continues until you bother him*

(ooc: thank YOU, society Neiha for giving me this lovely song idea. C:)

Yo, yo!


Oooooookay! So as you all know, Illy-mun is from Illinois and is VERY VERY VERY lazy! >D Illy-mun didn't feel like drawing any more icons, so she's now using ions from a show called 'Shugo Chara!', and the character that'll be representing Illy is .... I don't remember... Oh yeah! Kukai! So you'll be now seeing him. Sory if he loks too young, It's all I could find....xD

Okay! Love you all~

Except for Russia and Sakha, who's muns scare me a bit! <3


I don't know


State/Country: Illinois
Name: Michael Rodriquez (He's called Mickey, Illy, and Illinois though)
Birthday: December 3rd, 1818
Residence: Elgin, Illinois
Height: 6'0"
Age: 190
Appears: 26

I'm not so sure as to what to do....so I'll just say stuff.

Illinois is a state in the U.S. of A., and I don't know what else to say, stfu. >:V

OOC: Going idle


Aaaanyways, I have to be ... idle this weekend. From Friday around 5:00pm Central Time USA, to Sunday around 8:00pm Central Time USA, because my dad wants me to go to his house. C: Which is good on one hand, not on the other. :x BTW, It's Friday already..... it's 7:59am Central Time. :x And there's a lot of snow in Illy. xD So. Much. SNOW. D<

I've been requested to do this:



Snow sucks.

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Okay, so I was telling my friend on the way home what I did yesterday with LJ, and she thought it was cool, and told me to do this again, so I did. :shrug: LOL

We scream a lot when it's snowing?


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I got soooo sososo bored this night and felt like doing this 'cause I saw Poland do it. ;_; Please don't hit me for having an annoying voice or for blowing your speakers or something. I GOT BORED AND IT SEEMED FUUUUN~ *crying*

Just an update to everyone. <3

Oookay, yeah, I'm just here (Erm, IC), to update you all on my thoughts at the moment...

DEAR GOD, WHY AN OREGON?! *ahem* Better than New York, I suppose...


And America....



Oh jeez

OOC: I like chicken barf. :D Not really. o_O Okay, I'm basically writing this because I have a few moments to. No one in replying over at the universalaphdr yeah....xD Uhm, so, anyone wanna tell me how do edit my profile? Causes I unno how. Also, my icon? That's what a basic Illinoisan looks like. :| Scared, freaked out, brown hair, dark blue eyes, good stuff. xD

And we say "Wait," "what?", and "seriously!" a lot.

A. Lot. xD

OMG I want ice cream....D: